Zion Academy is a performing arts school located in Stockton, CA, offering private and group instruction in various instruments, voice, and musical theater. We now also offer additional Humanities and visual arts classes for homeschooled students.

Our boldest fundraiser has begun!
$500k in 90 days!

The Zion Academy of Music - in conjunction with fiscal sponsor, The Congregation of Zion - has launched a 90-Day campaign to raise $500,000. The drive began Sunday, February 1 and ends Friday, May 1.  This is an Indiegogo venture that will be divided into two 45-day efforts.

Over the years, The Zion Academy of Music has been fortunate to be able to host events, such as Piano Fest (featuring Dr. Pauline Bjorem of Abilene Christian University), and The Reclaim Concert series.  We have also expanded our program to offer Musical Theater, and Jazz Ensemble, both at a reduced price.  Although some of these wonderful things were made possible by donations from the community, much of this came about by the sacrifice of our talented staff, and the willingness of The Congregation of Zion to allow us to use their facilities for very little rent.  We see more great things in our future, but in order to bring them to reality, we need to be financially stable.  This is where you can help.

Please donate and share this email with your friends and colleagues. Help us expand Zion Academy's music program for the youth of Stockton and San Joaquin County. Proceeds go to:

- Salary our amazing senior staff

- Provide scholarships and tuition assistance for students in need, and

- Relocate our school to downtown Stockton near the Waterfront 

We are excited about Zion Academy's future and the future of our great City.

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